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Dieseltec QLD is your all-in-one location for the best quality service and repairs of diesel engine vehicles. As the name suggests we are diesel specialists. Our state-of-the art workshop is fitted with the latest diagnostic tools & equipment. This allows our fully qualified technicians to perform servicing and repairs to the highest quality both quickly and efficiently. Need a quote? Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we will be in contact shortly to get the process started.

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We service and repair all makes and models, with a specialty in the cleaning and maintenance of diesel engines. Dieseltec QLD’s service advisers can provide consultation on your vehicle’s requirements and advise on the right course of action. We can also assist you with advice on preventative maintenance. We strive to satisfy customers with excellent service experience, keeping your car safe and the costs competitive. Plus, Dieseltec QLD makes it easy to service your vehicle, schedule diesel engine maintenance service and set up an appointment today.


About Us in Mackay, QLD

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With more than 80 years of experience, The team at Dieseltec QLD aims to be one of the leading diesel engine repair and service workshops in Queensland. Our specialists strive for excellence with up-to-date training and use latest tools and diagnostic equipment when working on your vehicle. We establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, keeping your car, truck or SUV in optimal condition. Bring your vehicle to us for today’s maintenance services that prevent tomorrow’s repair needs and breakdowns. We’ll restore your confidence in your vehicle’s road travel by providing thorough diagnostic services. Make us your go-to facility because our team has seen it all and fixed it all. Our team stays abreast of all the latest technologies to provide top-notch auto service.

We are the authorised Bosch Diesel Centre serving Mackay district and surrounds. We specialise in supplying, diagnosing, servicing and maintaining all diesel fuel injectors and pumps. Diesels are used in a variety of driving and utility purposes, from agricultural machinery to passenger vehicles. It takes an experienced and well-trained mechanic to give your diesel the service and attention it requires. We have the highest expectations for your diesel’s performance and longevity. You can trust that our technicians are applying the most advanced technologies and service techniques for your particular vehicle. We consider your vehicle’s driving purposes, its age, your driving habits and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing a service plan. Viking Mechanical enhances your diesel’s performance by providing excellent diagnostics, maintenance or replacement services.

We understand that the comfort, convenience, and confidence of our customers is most important. Our shop makes your auto service experience more efficient and effective. You don’t have time to waste so we’re not going to waste any. The world doesn’t stop because your vehicle wants to malfunction, so you still have places to go and people to see. Feel free to use one of our courtesy cars or our pick-up/drop-off services if you have somewhere else you need to be while we service your vehicle. Give us a call today at 07 4952 6510 to meet our team and find out how we can help you. Viking Mechanical’s team is looking forward to your call or visit to our shop, so feel free to stop by the next time you’re in the area. You can also save time by booking right now using our online booking system.

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At Dieseltec QLD, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. During consultation, our service technicians carefully listen to your needs and requirements, ensuring that we have an agreed expected outcome. We have a reputation of reliability & customer satisfaction throughout Mackay, Queensland. Get in touch with the team if your diesel vehicle needs some attention.

All Makes & Models

We provide a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services including diesel engine cleaning, servicing and part replacement. Dieseltec QLD meets all your needs of auto diesel engine repair services. From small, medium, and large requirements for cars, trucks, SUVs, fleet vehicles, minivans, and diesel vehicles. Plus, we offer complete repair services for all makes and models, including Toyota, Holden, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Ford and more. We update state of the art technologies to quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle engines. Call us on 07 4952 6510 today!

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