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Affordable Air Conditioning Service in Mackay, QLD

Drive in Comfort with Quality A/C Service

Bring comfort whatever the weather – Quality Air Conditioner Service

Your vehicle can be unbearable when the air conditioning is malfunctioning. Make certain that your car, truck or SUV is equipped with the appropriate parts and maintenance services. It’s a wise practice to bring your vehicle to Diesel Tec in Mackay, QLD before there is a drastic change in the weather. A functioning A/C system will make your road travel as comfortable as possible. Keep your vehicle and your fellow passengers as cool as can be. Our team checks all the A/C components and makes sure that all fluids are flushed, refilled or exchanged as necessary.

Stay Cool and Comfortable when Driving – We Fix Air Conditioners

Air conditioner breakdowns can be unbearable in the Mackay heat. Don’t drive in discomfort any more. Our skilled technicians will make a thorough inspection to advise you in advance of carrying out any repairs. Dieseltec QLD handles everything from minor air conditioning maintenance to major air conditioning services, installations and overhauls. Remember, most air conditioning issues are caused by improper repairs. Our top-notch air con service provides you with correct set-up and maintenance, the first time.

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Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner working at top efficiency and extending its lifespan. Opting for the professionalism and technical expertise of Dieseltec QLD is a wise investment. Call our air conditioning technicians today on 07 4952 6510 to set up a periodical maintenance check. Whether it is a simple gas refill, or a replacement,we can help.

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